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8 Foot Tall Cross

The architect wanted to have a gleaming gold cross to put on his client's new building. He tried gold paint and even gold colored powder coating, but neither would give his demanding client the "look" he wanted. The Project manager contacted Gold Plating Services. We provided samples of 24K gold plating on similar material and the owner was pleased with the appearance and tarnish resistance of a "real" 24 karat gold electroplated finish.

The cross was manufactured by a local steel fabrication shop and sent to our facility in two pieces. The pieces were then polished, copper plated with a bright acid copper in a large immersion copper plating tank, polished again, and then finally plated with a mirror bright decorative nickel plate in a large immersion nickel plating tank. We then applied the 24K gold electroplate using one of our Gold Star Brush plating systems. The brush plating of the gold on the cross and base took approximately 20 man-hours and consumed more than 1 troy oz of gold.

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