Why Jewelers Use Jewel Master

To the Jewelry Professional; Gold Plating Services has solved your electroplating problems with the Jewel Master plating system.  Finally, you can enjoy convenience and high quality, consistent plating results with your own totally self-contained system that sets up for plating in less than 5 minutes.  It’s a perfect blend of Micro-Control precision electronics and the Perfect Temp heating system allied with superior quality plating solutions.  All these features are rolled together into an easy and fun-to-use, economical package that includes comprehensive plating manual and free unlimited technical support.

Most of us in the jewelry industry know that plating with gold or rhodium can be a frustrating experience.  Until now, the problem has been that the equipment and solutions available were cumbersome, difficult and messy to use and plating results were often inconsistent and unpredictable.

The typical rectifier found in many jewelry shops is an example of the problem.  The manufacturers of these dinosaurs actually brag about their 50 amperes of power as a useful feature.  The bad news for the jeweler is that the power supplied by these poor quality rectifier can be a major source of plating problems. They produce “dirty” power with high ripple because they have poor current filtering.  Their limited control has almost no resolution and absolutely no way to accurately distinguish the actually current density with the accuracy required for plating on fine jewelry.   It makes about as much sense for a jeweler to buy a 50-ampere rectifier for their shop as it does for a doctor to buy an 18” chain saw for brain surgery.

Another plating problem jewelers face is low quality, low metallic content plating solutions.  Metallic content is a critical factor in producing high quality plating results.  For example, our gold solution contains as much as five times the fine gold content found in gold solutions available from on-line vendors.  The superior quality of our plating solutions lets you consistently achieve clean, brilliant plating results.  With the Jewel Master and our proven "heavy hard gold" techniques it is possible to plate many jewelry items with more than 15 microns of hardened gold for extremely durable gold plate.

The biggest plating challenge that most jewelers with the “old” style equipment have to face is trying to figure out how to hook up the mess of wires, beakers, metal strips, plugs, clips and of course the dinosaur rectifier into a useful plating system.  Getting everything set up (and hoping the polarity and voltages are right) can be more work than the plating.  If a solution requires heating, such as gold, or rhodium, you can look forward to the difficult task of trying to achieve fine temperature control on a hot plate.  When you’ve finished plating, “it’s get the funnel out” and pour the solutions back into the original containers and figure out where to store everything until you need it again.  You may wonder if it’s worth it.  It’s time to get the Jewel Master and turn the frustration of plating into a satisfying and profitable, value-added feature for your business. 

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