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24K Immersion Gold Plating Solutions  
Superior formulation for predictable results.   
Product Description Units Part # To Order
24K Bright Gold Plating Solution - This hard acid immersion gold plating solution produces a 99.7% purity hardened gold plateEffectively plates to a thickness of 2.5 microns, (100 micro-inches)

One gallon contains sufficient gold to cover ~ 3120 in2 area to a thickness of 10 micro-inches.

Product Technical Data Sheet          MSDS Information

Quart - $325* IG32
Gallon - $1195* IG128
2 Gallons - $2,295* IG256
24K Pure Gold Plating Solution - 99.9% purity soft pure gold plating solutionPlates to virtually any thickness desired.

**This solution requires a 'Lab Anode' (A Platinum plated Titanium anode)

One quart contains sufficient gold to cover ~ 1250 in2 area to a thickness of 10 micro-inches.

Product Technical Data Sheet

Quart - $325* PG32
Gallon - $1,195* PG128
TriVal - 24K Acid Gold Strike - This plating solution is a very aggressive, (pH <1), fully complexed, 24 karat acid gold strike, (potassium auric AuIII cyanide), electroplating formulation.  This solution was developed as a pre-treatment that will allow plating 24karat gold to be plated directly onto extremely difficult to plate alloys such as stainless steel, Invar, Kovar, even chrome.

Because of it's low cathode efficiency this solution is best used as a pretreatment only.  The final gold deposit should be applied using a high efficiency solution such as our 24K Bright Gold Solution or 24K Pure Gold Solution.

Quart - $160.00* TV32
Gallon - $498.00* TV128


Wondering which gold plating solution to buy?

While searching for the best gold plating solution you may have noticed that throughout the industry there is dramatic price differences per fluid ounce of gold solution.  For example, you may have found a gallon of gold plating solution for only $300; where as our 32oz of solution costs about the same amount.  The most important factor to consider when shopping for a gold solution is 'fine gold content'.  A gallon of solution could cost $300 but may only have .1g of fine-gold content.  We sell our gold plating solutions with a verified, optimal solution-volume to gold-content ratio.  For over 25+ years we have fine-tuned our gold plating solutions to be as efficient, reliable, and have as little of waste as possible.  So when you're considering who to buy your gold solution from consider this: how many dollars per gram of actual gold-content are you paying?  With Gold Plating Services' A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for over 20 years, you can count on us to provide you with the best gold plating solutions and customer support available.


The best solutions for your 24K immersion plating requirements!

(Gold plating requires electroplating equipment.)

24K Pure gold plating for technical applications

24K Bright Gold Plating is normally used in decorative applications such as these motorcycle valve covers. 24K Pure Gold Plating is used where deposit ductility and/or heavy gold thicknesses are required such as this high temperature induction load coil. 24K Acid Gold Strike was used to pre-treat these stainless steel tubes prior to plating with 24K Bright Gold Plating.

*Due to the volatile nature of the precious metals market, pricing may vary daily and is determined by the market price of gold.