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24K Brush Gold Solution
The FASTEST, most DURABLE, BEST VALUE, most CONSISTENT gold solution on the market!

Our 24K Brush Gold Plating solution is a cobalt hardened, acid gold electroplating solution which is ideally suited for printed circuit board fingers, contacts, fine select applications as well as decorative deposits. Our proprietary formula is very efficient and produces a consistent, brilliant 24K gold plate onto properly prepared conductive surfaces. Does not contain free cyanide.
Quantity Part # Price To Order
2 oz (300 in2 coverage* at thickness of 10 micro-inches.)
--.6g fine gold content--
Liquid BGL2 $99.00**
Gel or Liquid
Gel BGG2
4 oz (600 in2 coverage* at thickness of 10 micro-inches.)
--1.2g fine gold content--
Liquid BGL4 $165.00**
Gel BGG4
8 oz (1200 in2 coverage* to a typical decorative thickness.)
--2.4g fine gold content--
Liquid BGL8 $295.00**
Gel BGG8

The Plating Guru




Plating Guru Tip! “This premium gold is the top in its class.  The proprietary formula goes on fast, at a very low voltage and has just the right gold content to help you conserve gold and reduce waste. The gel is great for car emblems.”


The best brush gold plating solution available for quality and value!

(Gold plating requires electroplating equipment.)

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**Due to the volatile nature of the precious metals market, pricing may vary daily.  Be sure to confirm your price when placing an order.