Plating information

Gold Solutions

            Brush Gold

            Pen Gold

            Immersion Gold


Brush Plating Chemicals

            Chrome Stripper

            Nickel Activator

            Bright Nickel

            Woods Nickel Strike


All-Inclusive Kits

      Automotive Plating Kit

          Gold Star            

      Brush Plating Kits
            Gold Smith

            Universal Plater

            PCB Repair Kit

      Immersion Plating Kits

            Jewel Master


Plating Supplies

         Application bits

            Application sleeves

            Pen plating tips


            Drain Aprons

            Drain Pans

            Lab anodes

Gold plating kits for immersion and brush plating applications

Complete instructions - easy to use


Kit Description

Price* To Order
  Gold Smith - The most affordable high quality option available.  Created as a start-up for beginners, hobbyists, artists, and anyone who wants to do 24k brush gold plating. $399.95*
  PCB Repair Kit - Highly versitile brush/pen plating kit. Professional grade printed circuit board plating repair kit.  Includes 24K Brush Plating gold solution and 24K Pen gold solution.                      $599.00
Printed Circuit Board Repair Kit
  Universal Plater - A fully equipped three beaker bench-top plating kit, includes activator, nickel plate, 24K Brush Plating gold solution and 24K Pen gold solution. $799.00

Universal Plater Kit

  Jewel Master  -  Includes 316ss anodes - no chemicals

Jewel Master  With gold & other chemical pack

Jewel Master  -  Chemicals and anode for gold and rhodium plating.




Jewel Master Pro Kit
  Gold Star - America's premier automotive gold plating system complete with equipment and chemicals for automotive gold plating. $2,995*
Gold Star Kit

*Prices FOB Layton, Utah.  Note: some of the chemicals included with some kits must ship ground.