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    Brush and Immersion electroplating chemicals - for preparation of items prior to plating.

Product Description Units Part # To Order
Chrome Stripping Solution       (ground shipping only)

Chrome Stripper is used for removing chrome plating from items in preparation for plating.  Chrome must be removed in order to plate items with chrome on them.
Quart - $20.00 CS32


Chrome Stripping Solution
Gallon - $60.00 CS128
Electro-Clean Solution                                  

Alkaline based solution used to clean platable surfaces prior to plating.  Often used to 'wet-out' the surface to ensure adhesion of gold plating.
'Wet-out' is achieved when water does not bead up on the surface but rather the entire surface becomes equally wet.
8oz - $10.00 EC8

Electro-Clean Solution
Quart - $20.00 EC32
Surface Activator Solution                               

 Surface Activator is used to prepare the surface of various metals for plating.  Certain projects require an activation step for proper adhesion.

Quart - $20.00 NA32  
Surface Activating Solution
Gallon - $60.00 NA128
Bright Nickel Plate Solution                               

Bright nickel plate is used as an underplate for steel or copper alloys.

8 oz - $20.00 BNI8
Additional Solutions
Quart - $40.00 BN32
Wood's Nickel Strike Solution                               

Wood's Nickel Strike is used as an activator for stainless steel items prior to gold plating.

8 oz - $20.00 WNI8
Quart - $40.00 WN32
Bright Acid Copper Plating Solution     (ground shipping only) 8 oz - $20.00 BCU8

Chrome Stripping Solution is used to chemically remove chrome from the underlying bright nickel.

Surface Activator Solution is used to activate the underlying nickel plate so the gold plating will adhere properly.