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Our 24K Brush Gold Plating Solution is available as a liquid or gel

New Feature for International Customers!

The labeling and Material Safety Data Sheets for our 24K Brush Gold Solutions are now European Community compliant, this greatly simplifies shipping and importing this product into most countries around the world.

You get what you pay for...

When shopping for brush plating gold solution you can find a wide range of prices for an 8oz jar.  Some solutions are extremely expensive and some are extremely cheap.  When you buy gold solution from Gold Plating Services you are actually paying for the gold as a fabricated plating solution.  At our current price for an 8oz jar of 24K Brush Plating Gold solution you are paying around $120/gram fine gold content.  We have found brush plating gold solutions that are cheaper per jar but the cost of the actual fine gold you are receiving can be as much as $500/gram fine gold content.

Standard 24K Brush Gold Solution

Available in 8oz, 4oz, & 2oz jars as a liquid or gel.  You also have the option of receiving the liquid gold solution and the thickener separately so you can mix it as you go.

Coverage: Standard 24K Brush Gold Solution - One 8 oz jar, contains sufficient gold for a coverage of ~1300 in˛ of 24 karat gold plated to an average thickness of 10 micro-inches.

Note: 10 micro-inches is within the thickness range for a typical decorative gold plate.   The US Federal Trade Commission guidelines indicate that for an industry product to be marketed as “gold plated” it shall have a gold thickness equal to or greater than 20 micro-inches. An industry product with a thickness >7 micron inches can be marketed as “gold electroplated”.

We fabricate our 24K Brush Gold Solution from fundamental  make-up materials so we can produce the solution with a wide range in gold content.  In our many years of experience we have determined what we consider the optimum fine gold content for brush plating gold solution; we call this our Standard 24K Brush Gold Solution.  The optimum gold content combined with our proprietary system of hardeners, brighteners and other make-up components produces the most beneficial cost / revenue ratio of any brush gold solution available.  This profitable cost / revenue ratio considers important factors such as solution cost, the inherent waste of the brush plating process, and the deposit rate of the gold plate which can affect application labor cost.

Technical Data Sheet


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Brush plating a sample with  24K Brush Gold gel

The coin in this video was brush plated on one side for a total of 30 seconds using Gold Plating Services' PCB Repair Kit and our Standard 24K brush Gold Solution.  In this time 3.3 milligrams of hardened 24 karat gold was deposited; this equals an average gold thickness of approximately15 micro-inches, the thickness of normal decorative gold plating.

Believe it or not!

If every gold atom we plated on this quarter was magically transformed into an un-popped kernel of popcorn they could cover the United States with a layer 8 inches thick.

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*Due to the volatile nature of the precious metals market, pricing may vary daily and is determined by the market price of gold.