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Beautiful Rose Pendants

Introducing the Rose Pendant in either pure gold or pure silver.  Click on the image to learn more about this magnificent pendant and how you can acquire one for that special someone in your life.  Itís guaranteed to make you a hero!



Life - Frozen In Gold 

Flowers, leaves and fruits have been perfectly combined with gold through our skillful artisans. Each item is carefully selected, sized, and processed at the peak of its beauty. Then electro-formed and completed with 24K gold finish for your lasting pleasure and enjoyment. Impressive gift for her or anyone!

Call For Pricing and Availability

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Bush Gore Election Coin

The 2000 Presidential Election Coin

  Now you can have or give a 24Karat gold plated  permanent souvenir of this historic event.  Only 14.95.



Do you know someone who loves to Golf ?

Click on this image to get details on this great gift item.

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Beautiful Stainless Steel Money Clip With Selectively Plated Coin or Silver Round

24K Gold Select Money Clip

  We still have a few of these Millennial Gold and Silver Money Clips available.  Or, you may want to consider having another coin or silver round selectively plated with a rich layer of 24K gold plate and mounted in one of these durable, gold plated stainless steel money clips.  Just $74.95 + shipping



Decorative Emblems

Looking for a unique emblem to dress up your car, computer or anything else to express yourself?  We have developed a full set of unique, chrome or 24k gold plated emblems with automotive grade "Peel-and-Stick" adhesive.   Check our our complete assortment of these limited edition decorative emblems.  

Call for details while our Decorative Emblem Catalog is under construction   (800) 515-3131

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States Quarters Replicas

States Quarters Replicas

  We now have States Quarters out in a 1 full Troy oz. .999 silver replica.  These are a must for anyone that is interested in collecting the States Quarters set.  They are the same size as a silver dollar and the detail in the minting is stunning.  Available in a "Bright Un-circulated" grade and in a "LE or Limited Edition Grade as serial numbered proofs.  These beautiful works of art are available with the natural .999 silver or as a 24K gold plate on silver.

BU Grade in plastic sleeve with Certificate of Authenticity  Just $12.95 in silver and 19.95 in gold plate.  LE Proofs in plastic capsule and jewelry grade velvet box Just $29.95 in silver and $39.95 in 24k gold plate.


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