Pure Eco - Gold Plating SolutionPure Eco - Gold Plating Solution

Pure Eco 24K Pure Gold Plating Solution operates at a high cathode efficiency producing a pure gold deposit which meets ASTM B488. This cyanide free, sulfite gold complex solution produces a lustrous to bright gold deposit with relatively low internal stress. This type of high purity, (99.99% gold purity), deposit is typically used in the medical, semi-conductor, electronic, and PWB industries where soft, high purity gold is required. 

Note: Due to the grain structure of this type of gold deposit the reflective qualities of the surface will become noticeably “matte” with increased thickness.


Gold Content-     0.25 – 1.5 Troy oz. per gallon, as per customer specification

Purity -                 99.99+ percent gold minimum (24 karat)

Hardness              Knoop hardness < 90 (typically 55-60)


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