PCB Repair Kit


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Many applications require a professional " PCB" and electrical contact gold plating repair kit. To fill this need we developed this excellent low cost bench-top gold plating repair kit.

Gold Plating Services presents the newest innovation in a turn-key Printed Circuit Board gold plating repair kit for bench-top brush plating, and fine select gold plating

This gold plating kit includes everything needed for fine select pen plating and brush plating 24K gold onto electronic and most other small  parts.  The gold solution included will produce a cobalt hardened, 24K - Type 1 & 2, grade C gold deposit.  This is the gold we use for electronic and technical applications where durability, conductivity and solder-ability is important.



Important: Application Sleeves come pre-soaked for your convienence with the purchase of any brush plating machine, but when you re-order sleeves it is important to prep them as seen in the video below:

 PCB Plating Repair Kit Pricing

Total price for the PCB Gold Plating Repair Kit, (less shipping), as shown above and described below.....$599.00

The complete kit Includes:

  • AC wall voltage power converter utilizes any input current from 100 to 240 volts AC - 50 -60 Hz. 5 types of input clips are available for international connections, please specify your preference when ordering.
  • PCB Gold Plating Repair Kit console / beaker tray with analog display control panel for fine voltage control and resolution to 1/10 volt. Plating assembly is hard wired for fast set-up and mistake free connections for application handle and work.
  • Combination fine select / brush plating application handle and lead
  • Common Lead with alligator clip and type 316 stainless steel contact probe
  • Type 316 stainless steel brush plating bit with 4 solution application sleeves
  • High density fine select plating tips - 3 ultra fine and 3 medium.
  • 1/2 oz 24K high concentration Pen plating gold solution containing .7 grams fine gold. (this is enough gold to cover 110 square inches to a thickness of 20 micro-inches - 0.5 Microns)
  • 2 oz jar 24K brush plating gold solution gel containing 1 gram fine gold content, (this is enough gold to cover 300 square inches to a thickness of 20 micro-inches - 0.25 Microns)
  • Complete instruction manual containing operational details and color photos of set-up and use of the PCB Plating Repair Kit and Material Safety Data Sheet's.  (Click here for online manual).
  • Toll free technical support.

    User Manual - Click here