MiCCROXP 2000 - 4 oz Jar

Peelable stop-off formulated specifically for electroless nickel, hard coat anodizing and chemical milling. Dip or brush from the shipping container

MICCRO XP-2000 is a butyl rubber compound suitable for use in the following cycles:

Electroless Nickel Plating

Chemical Milling

Hard Coat Anodizing

Acid Solutions in General



Color: Orange

Viscosity: 5000-6000 cps

Coverage Rate: Approx. 4 ft2, per 4 oz Jar, 12 mli dry film.

Flash Point: 24_ F. TCC




  1. XP-2000 should be stirred prior to usage and periodically if not used for extended periods of time.
  2. Chemically and/or mechanically clean the area of the part to be masked. The area to be masked must be free of all dirt, oil or other contaminants. Cleaning is the most critical aspect of the masking procedure.
  3. Apply XP-2000 to the area to be masked by dipping or brushing. For reducing XP-2000, use XP-2000 REDUCER only.
  4. Apply a minimum of two coats depending upon the type of plating/chemical solution and/or length of processing time in solution. Allow at least 30 minutes air-dry time between coats and overnight air-dry time after application of final coat before introduction into solution. Faster drying of XP-2000 can be accomplished by force drying for 15 minutes in an oven not exceeding 140_ F or over a hot plate not exceeding 140_ F for 15 minutes. Drying over a hot plate is preferable to oven drying. Drying time will vary according to relative humidity. NOTE: Make sure XP-2000 has lost all solvent odor before force drying or applying additional coats.
  5. XP-2000 will not withstand extended periods in hot alkaline solutions. Two (2) minutes is the maximum time permitted.
  6. XP-2000 can normally be peeled from the part after use if the part is warm. For mass stripping or removal from recessed areas, use:
  7. 1. XP-2000 Reducer
  8. 2. Toluene
  9. 3. Miccrostrip A.
  10. The first two are the fastest.


CONTAINS VOLATILE SOLVENTS -- Keep away from sparks and open flame. Store at temperatures above 32°F and below 105°F. Keep containers closed when not in use. Maintain adequate ventilation in working area. Wear approved respirators and protective clothing when working in confined areas. Avoid repeated breathing of concentrated vapors. Prolonged contact of liquid material with skin may be irritating. If material comes in contact with skin, wash skin surface thoroughly with soap and water. In case of eye contact, flush eyes thoroughly for 15 minutes with water and consult a physician. REFER TO MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET FOR ADDITIONAL WARNINGS AND INFORMATION.


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