Jewel Master Auxiliary Plating Station



Need to add a process step in your plating set-up? This easy to use plating station easily connects to your Jewel Master plating system or can be used with most other plating power supplies and solutions. This stand-alone plating station (non-heated) is available with all the hardware you need to add an additional step to your one liter plating set-up. Recommended for electroplating solutions that plate at room temperature.

  1. High quality, re-sealable solution beaker for quick, easy setup.
  2. Pre wired with instant connections for the anode and titanium plating buss bar.
  3. Accepts Gold Plating Services’ stainless steel, nickel, or platinized titanium anode.
  4. Includes user’s guide and video tutorial link for setup and operation.

Basic Auxiliary Plating Station Includes:

  • Corrosion resistant prewired station base.
  • One liter, professional quality, re-sealable, autoclavable solution beaker. 
  • Color coded power supply connection leads.
  • Stainless steel “Easy Anode”
  • Titanium buss bar
  • Common lead with alligator clip.
  • Gold plated sample ring rack

Check out our New Plating Procedure Chart for details about our products and how to use them. 

*You may also want to consider purchasing these options:

  1. Heated Auxiliary Plating Station - adjustable heating from room temp to 130°F, (includes thermometer).
  2. Platinized titanium anode setup with air agitation. Used for plating with rhodium &  trival
  3. Air agitation kit including pump, tubing, diffuser, and control valve for solutions requiring agitation. Such as copper & rhodium.  

*Additional charge for each of these options

 DOES NOT INCLUDE any chemicals or power supply that may be required for your process.