Gold Plating Services’ 24k Pure Gold Solution is an extremely efficient, (cathode efficiency 98%+ ), neutral pH, water clear gold plating solution designed to produce a gold electro-deposit of 99.9+% purity to virtually any desired thickness for surfaces used in the medical, semi-conductor, electronic, and PWB industries where soft, high purity gold is required. Note: Due to the grain structure of this type of gold deposit the reflective qualities of the surface will become noticeably “matt” with increased thickness.

Electrodeposited gold will be equivalent to Type III, Grade A, specifications as indicated in MIL-DTL- 45204D, as follows;

Gold Content - 0.25 - 0.5 Troy oz per gallon   
Varies - range from 1/4 to 1 Troy oz per gallon 
     (2 - 8.22 grams/liter)
Purity - 99.9+ percent gold minimum (24 karat)
Purity - 99.9+ percent gold minimum (24 karat)


                    Operating Conditions


Temperature                                            62° - 71° C (145° – 160° F)

Anode to Cathode Ratio                          2:1

Specific Gravity                                       10 – 16 Be

PH (electrometric)                                   5.8 – 6.4 (optimum 6)

Time to deposit 0.0001’’ (2.5 micron)      13 minutes at 3 ASF

Replenishment                                         1 Troy oz. Pure Gold Replenisher Solution Every 300-AM.

Efficiency                                                  115-mg/ampere minute

Filtration                                                   Continuous

Hardness                                                  60 – 80 Knoop

Current Density                                        3 amperes per square foot, (20 ma/in2 )

Anode                                                       Platinized Niobium or platinized Titanium

Agitation                                                   Moderate relative Cathode to solution movement

NOTES: To insure consistency of deposit, the following operating conditions should be controlled; METAL CONTENT, maintain within 20% of specified operating conditions. TEMPERATURE, maintain within 5% of specified operating conditions. PH, maintain within 5% of specified operating conditions. CURRENT DENSITY, Maintain within 5% operating conditions.