Gold Plating Services’ Bright Nickel Plating Solution is a nickel sulfate electroplating solution that will plate a bright level deposit with good physical properties and is very receptive to subsequent plating such as chrome, gold, rhodium or other decorative plates. This nickel plate is ideal for decorative applications where the malleability of the nickel is not an issue.

Content -         Nickel  12 oz/gal.

Operating Conditions


Temperature                                                       120° to 155° F - Optimum 140°F

Anode to Cathode Ratio                                     2:1 or higher

pH                                                                       3.5 - 4.5 – Optimum 4

Filtration                                                              Continuous for larger baths after use for smaller baths

Current Density cathode                                     10 – 35 A/sq. ft.

Voltage                                                                Depends on the size of the tank – 4-6 volts in smaller tank

Anode                                                                 Nickel The solution nickel will be replenished by anode corrosion. The anode must be bagged to avoid deposit roughness.

Agitation                                                             Agitation through cathode or solution movement.

For large baths the anodes should be nickel and bagged, the solution should be continuously pumped through a filter and heated with a quarts heater.