Electro-Cleaner Solution is an alkaline based solution used to electrochemically pre-treat platable surfaces prior to plating. Electro-cleaning helps to ensure adhesion of subsequent plating by “wetting-out” the surface to allow access to the activation chemicals. 

“Wet-out” is achieved when water does not bead up on the surface but rather the entire surface becomes hydrophilic, or equally wet with no water beading or breaks.

What you will need to use this solution properly: Our Electro-Cleaner Solution requires the proper equipment and supplies to be used. We recommend electroplating equipment such as our Jewel MasterGold StarUniversal Plater, or the ProLabcm which will have everything you need to perform this important pre-treatment step.

NOTE: Electro-Cleaning should not be the first or only cleaning of the item to be plated. Before electro-cleaning, all required pre-finishing steps and required polishing should be completed. The item should then be washed in soap and water, if needed, to remove all trace of polishing compound, corrosion, dirt, oils (including fingerprints), or any other material that could inhibit the effect of the electro-cleaning process.

Strength: -         Available in regular strength.

pH          -           Alkaline

Operating Conditions

Temperature Room to 140 F. (Effectiveness increases with temperature)
Time 15 to 30 seconds or until surface "wets out" upon rinsing
Voltage 5-7 VDC uniform light gassing (Work is Cathode - )
Current Density As necessary to achieve light gassing
Filtration Optional
Anode Type 316 SS or Platinized Titanium
Agitation Some relative movement between work and solution facilitates removal of gas bubbles.


Surfaces which have been prepared with Electrocleaner solution should not be touched with bare fingers. After electrocleaning, the item should be rinsed, activated, and electroplated prior to drying to prevent contamination of the surface.

Read and understand SDS sheets before using. For professional use by trained technicians only.