Woods Nickel Strike Solution

Gold Plating Services’ Woods Nickel Strike Solution is an acid nickel chloride solution used to prepare stainless steel for plating.

Woods Nickel Strike simultaneously activates most stainless surfaces while applying a thin nickel coating that will ensure maximum possible adhesion of subsequent plating. This solution can also be used to activate many other ferrous metals or copper alloys.

pH         -               <1

Use Notes: This product will not apply visible nickel deposit under normal application. This product will not provide the same leveling or brightening as decorative nickel.

Operating Conditions

Temperature Room to 110 F.
Voltage 5-9 VDC (Work is Cathode -)
Current Density Light to moderate gassing
Anode Graphite, Nickel (bagged)
Sleeve (brush app.) Cotton, (High Capacity)

Stainless steel surfaces must be clean and free of excessively corroded or oxidized material. Best results are obtained by polishing the stainless surface to desired luster either abrasively or by electro-polishing. The surface must then be cleaned with degreaser or electro-cleaned to be absolutely free of oily residue. Do not touch the cleaned surface. The cleaned surface should be treated with Wood’s Nickel Strike for 20 – 30 seconds.

Read and understand MSDS sheets before using. For professional use by trained technicians only.