The much-anticipated Thanksgiving Day is celebrated every fourth Thursday in November, marking the start of the official holiday shopping season. The observance is followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday—the two biggest shopping days of the year. People who plan well can completely wrap up their holiday shopping on these two days.

Give Gold This Holiday Season

(Pixabay / TerriC)

The holidays shimmer, and so does gold. If you are looking to purchase gifts during the Thanksgiving weekend, few things are as timeless as gold-plated mementos.

You don’t have to break the bank to give a classy gift. If people invite you over for the holidays, consider a modest but tasteful gift for the host or hostess such as a gold-plated bottle opener. It will be both functional and decorative.

Gold-plated wine charms also make great presents. If someone you know entertains a lot, give them a set of wine charms for their next party. Guests can pick the wine charm design they want and fasten it around the stem of their wine glass. This will help people identify their glasses and avoid mix-ups.

Monogrammed cocktail napkins are another great gift idea. You can pre-order napkins with your hosts’ initials and customize the monogram color. Note: We’re partial, but we think gold looks especially classy during the holidays.

Pies are a staple of holiday meals. Surprise your dinner host with a gold-plated server.

Gold never gets old. Surprise your loved ones and friends with a gold flourish this holiday season.