At Gold Plating Services we believe that our products, in conjunction with design, customer support, and technical support offer the best value for their intended use when compared to any commercially available equivalent product. When consulting with a customer or potential customer we make a "best effort", based on our understanding of purpose, to insure that the product recommended or purchased will be appropriate for the customer's application.

There can be a learning curve as you begin using our equipment and solutions. We have designed our products to try and simplify the process for you. However, it will require you to do some research and trial plating to develop the right process for you. 

Our current office hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm MST. 

We are aware that we have several international customers, as well as those in the US that can not reach out to us during these hours  We have several resources for you to refer to below when we are not available by phone.  

We Guarantee that any product purchased from Gold Plating Services will perform as specified in our written or on-line descriptions, user guides, and specifications.

We do our best to assist each of our customers in need. We understand that your time is valuable. To make sure we get you the assistance needed, we would appreciate it if you would please take a minute to fill out the following form.  

Our equipment specialist's are here to assist you. We will reach out to you via phone or email to assist. 

Our Video Library has a wide range of videos that may answer many of your questions. 

Visit our YouTube Channel for more current videos with our ProLab cm setup and more.