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Mr. Darger began his career working in the construction industry for eight years. In 1980 he obtained a license and started a specialty sub-contractor business in the construction industry. After seven years of successful operation in five western states he sold that business.

He then joined with a partner in the formation of a large cultured marble manufacturing business. In that business he served as the operations manager organizing and building a 36 station automated fabrication line. Their facility produced a weekly volume of up to 10,000 cultured marble bathroom sinks for retail sale in home improvement stores.

In the early 1990’s he became involved in the electroplating industry when he recognized the need for easy-to-use, reliable, and portable automotive gold plating equipment. In the following years he designed, developed, and produced many user friendly plating systems along with the associated chemical solutions. This company has been an industry leader for over 27 years now.

Where did the idea for Gold Plating Services come from?

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