The plating voltages and times suggested below are a starting point based off our experience with the solution. We recommend starting at the lower voltage and working your way up. Starting at too high of a voltage can result in burning or damaging your piece.

The voltages and plating times can significantly differ depending on what type of metal you are plating onto, the amount of solution in your sleeve, and the surface area you are plating onto.

It is extremely important to make sure all areas receive the proper time for each plating step. Make sure that all areas stay "wet-out" and do not dry. If the area dries, then you will need to start the plating process over from the beginning with the electro-clean step. If you move on and plate onto the dried areas, then you will most likely have staining, adhesion problems, or unsatisfactory results.

For larger items you may want to consider breaking the plating process up into smaller sections. Please see our how-to videos on our website or YouTube for more details on this.

 Pre- Treatment Solutions Anode/Bit Required Brush Voltage Time per square inch (1" by 1") Temperature
Electro Cleaner Stainless Steel

5 - 7 Volts

15 - 30 Seconds Room
Surface Activator Stainless Steel 6 Volts 15 - 30 Seconds Room
Wood’s Nickel Strike Pure Nickel 5 - 7 Volts 20 - 30 Seconds Room
Chrome Stripper Stainless Steel N/A As Required Room
TriVal Platinum Plated Titanium 5 - 7 Volts 10 - 20 Seconds Room
Copper Strike Stainless Steel or Copper 2 - 4 Volts *very sensitive to voltage 10 - 15 Seconds Room




 Plating Solutions Anode/Bit Required Brush Voltage Time per square inch Temperature
24K Brush Gold Stainless Steel 2.5 to 3 Volts Plating time varies * Room
Pen Gold Stainless Steel 3 - 4 Volts Plating time varies * Room
Pure Gold Platinum Plated Titanium 2 - 4 Volts *very sensitive to voltage Plating time varies * Room
Rose Gold - Brush Stainless Steel 6 Volts Plating time varies * Room
Palladium Platinum Plated Titanium 3.5 Volts *very sensitive to voltage 15-30 Seconds Room
Rhodium Platinum Plated Titanium 3-5 Volts 5-10 Seconds Room
Silver NC Stainless Steel 2 - 2.5 Volts 1 - 2 Minutes Room
Bright Nickel Pure Nickel 3 Volts 10-20 Seconds Room, warm the solution for best results
Bright Acid Copper Stainless Steel or Copper 2.5 Volts 2 - 4 Minutes Room

* Brush gold usually becomes opaque at about 30 seconds/in2. The precise plating time will vary depending on job specifications.