Platinum Plated Titanium

We have standard Platinum Plated Titanium Lab Anodes in stock and ready to ship.

The platinum plated expanded titanium stock is produced by electroplating pure platinum onto the expanded and flattened titanium substrate. This substrate material is commonly available in thicknesses of 0.035" and 0.060".

In the case of custom fabricated electrode shapes, the titanium is fabricated to the customer's specifications and then electroplated with the platinum to the specified thickness.

Due to the porous nature of the platinum deposit, the titanium substrate will come into contact with the solution. This may cause anodization of the titanium substrate in which case the electrical conductivity between the substrate and the solution will be maintained by the platinum coating.

This type of electrode should not be used in a solution such as hydrofluoric acid that could dissolve the titanium substrate.

Platinized Electrode Material

Platinum Clad Niobium

The platinum clad niobium mesh is manufactured from a solid niobium sheet that has  platinum of the specified thickness (either 125 micro-inches or 250 micro-inches) mechanically clad to one or both surfaces. The platinum clad niobium sheet is then "expanded" to form the mesh which has a stiffness somewhat greater than an aluminum window screen. This leaves the inside edges of the mesh openings as exposed niobium which may be subject to anodization in some solutions. In this case, the electrical "throwing power" of the electrode (electrical conductivity with the solution) is maintained through the platinum cladding which maintains a liquid tight contact with the niobium substrate.

The niobium substrate is less rigid than the 0.030" expanded titanium and usually requires some type of framework to maintain the desired shape. The niobium substrate is more conductive than titanium and the niobium under the platinum cladding is less likely to be affected by the solution.

Platinized Electrode Material

Sheets of either type of material can be fabricated per customer's specifications with frames and hanging tabs.

Platinum clad niobium mesh is manufactured in long strips that are 6 inches wide. Therefore, this material is most economical when ordered in 6 inch widths with  lengths in 6 inch increments.

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