Robert Darger
Corporate President 
With more than ten years of experience working in every aspect of managing and growing Gold Plating Services, Rob has emerged as the administrative leader of the company. With the foresight to develop and nourish a powerful, systems driven management support team, Rob has created the perfect environment to allow his creative talent to flourish. His creativity has resulted in the development of several unique, innovative new products that are propelling the company to record levels of customer engagement and satisfaction.
For the future, Rob continuously expresses the virtually limitless possibilities that can be achieved through the creative fulfillment of our customer’s needs and desires. His three-part model for business success: 
  1. Continuously striving to figure out what we can do to help our customers be successful using our products.
  2. Creating new, innovative products that will give our customers more tools while growing our customer base into untapped markets. 
  3. Using a two-pronged approach to social media. First: Expanding our presence and influence over an ever-increasing potential customer base. Second: Utilizing the power of social media to communicate with, teach and engage our customers in a growing community of information and idea exchange. 
Rob most enjoys traveling, culture, cooking, gaming and outdoor activities.  Rob has a deep, compassionate love of all life and exemplifies the positive attributes of acceptance and tolerance. He is an expert snow skier, snowboarder, and off-road motorcycle enthusiast. He is also a long time, proficient practitioner of Wing Chun Kung Fu, where he enjoys developing his skills and teaching others the Chinese martial art.  
Amy Alverson
Amy is the Vice President of Operations, Operation Manager, and Production Manager
In 2015 Amy began working for Gold Plating Services in the production department. Early on, she recognized the critical need for improvements in system development, manufacturing process organization, and supply chain management. Her exceptional organizational and systems development skills and tireless work ethic quickly propelled her into her current leadership positions controlling or contributing to: Product development, procurement, production, staff management, marketing, order fulfillment, and customer service.
Amy’s hallmark talents and abilities have led to her success in her current leadership position. She maintains a clear vision of the mission requirements, has exceptional organizational skills, is devoted to customer service, and exemplifies the ability to follow through until the task is complete. In early 2019 she oversaw the acquisition and completion of a separate production location including all tooling and staffing requirements. Along with her other duties, she is very active in current product re-design, new product development, and social media marketing. 
Amy is an active, athletic, and devoted wife and mother. She enjoys camping, hiking, outdoor activities, and participating in or watching most sports. At home, she enjoys gardening and DIY projects.
“I have enjoyed taking this small business to new places by assisting in simple changes within the company and helping the owners bring their visions to life.” Amy Alverson