Gold Smith

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UnBoxing the Gold Smith 

PCB Repair Kit

Users Guide

UnBoxing the PCB Repair Kit

Universal Plater

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UnBoxing the Universal Plater

Universal - Add-on Dip Accessory Kit

UnBoxing the Universal Add-on Dip Kit


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UnBoxing the SideKick


Universal Plater - Chrome Edition

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 Unboxing the Universal Plater - Chrome Edition

Jewel Master

Pro HD

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UnBoxing the Jewel Master Pro

 The FreeStyle

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UnBoxing the FreeStyle 

ProLab cm

Setup Instructions

ProLab Setup Videos 1 - 6

Setting Up the ProLab Power Supply


Gold Star 

Users Guide

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Gold Star Training Video 


Additional Plating Resources

For quick references on plating voltages, solution temperature, required anodes and many other plating functions see our Plating Procedure chart. It can be found under "Tech Support" at the top of our home page.

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