24k Bright Gold - Bath

14K, 18K, & 24K Bright Gold Plating is normally used in decorative applications such as these motorcycle valve covers

24k Bright Gold

Bath Gold   (Immersion Plating) is advantageous if an entire item, or multiple items require a consistent layer of gold plating.  A (+)positively charged lead wire is clipped to an Anode which is stationary in the bath of our proprietary gold plating solution.  The item to be gold plated is attached to a conductive wire rack or alligator clip charged with a (-)negative current lead wire.  The entire part is dipped into the solution and allowed to plate for a duration of time (generally 3-5 minutes).  The longer the item is left in the gold plating solution, the thicker the layer of gold will be.  This gold plating solution was designed with a lower gold concentration for maximum affordability and efficiency.  Since a higher volume is required to fill a beaker that will fit your parts, the gold content per fluid ounce is substantially lower than that of our other solutions.

24K Bright Gold Plating Solution (Hard Gold) is cobalt hardened acid gold electroplating solution that will yield a relatively low stress, fine grained deposit with hardness range of 130-200 Knoop.  This solution is ideally suited for printed circuit boards, contacts, reflectors, as well as heavy decorative deposits. 

The purity and hardness of the final electro-deposited gold will be equivalent to Type I, and 2, Grade C, specifications as indicated in MIL-G-45204C, as follows;

           Purity -                               99.7 percent gold minimum (24 karat)

           Hardness -                         Knoop hardness 130-200

           Density of Plate -              12.45 mg/in²/µm (thickness)

Once your initial bath is purchased, to maintain or replenish your gold levels. All you will need is to purchase our gold replenisher and add to your existing bath.  

Wondering which gold plating solution to buy?

While searching for the best gold plating solution you may have noticed that throughout the whole industry there is dramatic price differences per fluid ounce of gold solution.  For example, you may have found 32oz of gold solution for only $100; where as our 2oz of solution costs about the same amount.  The most important factor to consider when shopping for a gold solution is 'fine gold content'.  A gallon of solution could cost $100 but may only have .1g of fine-gold content.  We sell our gold plating solutions with a verified, optimal solution volume/gold-content ratio.  For over 25+ years we have fine-tuned our gold plating solutions to be as efficient, reliable, and have as little of waste as possible.  So when you're considering who to buy your gold solution from consider this: how much money per gram of actual gold-content are you paying?

Are you disposing of your bath gold sooner than necessary? You are probably throwing out perfectly good gold.

There are so many benefits to replenishing your bath with "Gold Replenisher". 
Starting with more predictable results &  saving you money.

Make sure to check out our Gold Replenisher page for more details HERE

1 Gram Fine Gold = 0.64 Penny Weight

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