If you are looking for a profitable business that you can work either part time or full time, consider a portable gold plating business. We offer the finest portable gold plating equipment anywhere. Below are some commonly asked questions about starting a portable gold plating business. A lot of people wonder how hard it is to set up and plate the emblems on cars. We have created a series of pictures with explanations to help show how simple the process really is.

It is important to note that while we have the finest equipment and supplies available anywhere, your success or failure in the gold plating business will depend on you and your own marketing efforts. We are not offering or providing a business opportunity, sales program or marketing program that will enable or guarantee that you will derive income that exceeds the price of the equipment and or supplies.

Q: Is gold plating hard to do?

(A) No, our equipment is designed to be very easy to use. The color coded application wands are preset with the proper current, voltage and polarity. Our systems are complete with a comprehensive training manual, marketing manual and training video.

Q: Who are the customers?

(A) There are literally hundreds of applications and markets to choose from; automotive, jewelry, plumbing fixtures, motorcycles, guns, coins, medical equipment, etc. We have developed equipment designed for virtually any application. It's up to you to decide on a marketing plan and sales program that fits your personality.

Q: How Much Can you make?

(A) What you can earn can vary greatly depending on the type of plating business you choose to build. For example in the automotive emblem plating business, a single person with one machine can easily plate a 4 or 5 emblem car in less than 1 hour. So your earning potential comes down to your marketing and sales program and how you service your clientele. We have an associate in the Northwest that has expanded their business to 3 technicians and 3 portable gold plating machines. The technicians work on a guaranteed commission basis and make an excellent income. One of the more successful people we know is a customer of ours in northern Utah. This is a link to an article in one of our newsletters that highlights his business.

We've seen the chart that someone has put on the net that is a spin off of the old vending machine ripoff lines. It shows that if you have one machine you will make $70,000 per year, two machines will product $140,000 per year etc. The reality is that based on the piece of equipment they are selling, there probably isn't anyone making any real money using their system. While it is possible to make an excellent income in the portable gold plating business, the business owner needs every advantage possible. Starting out by buying a cheap system from a company that doesn't understand the plating business can be a fatal mistake for your business.

Q: Does an automobile emblem have to be removed before it can be gold plated.

(A) Not usually our unique process has been developed to allow the technician to leave the emblem on the car in almost every case. The plating solutions will not affect most new car finishes. Our training will teach you how you can tell if there could be a risk of having a problem with leaving an emblem on the vehicle. Being able to leave the emblems on the vehicle provides a great advantage for the on-site plater. Imagine the cost savings of not having to remove the emblems, sending them to a plating company and then having to re-installed.

Q: How long will the gold last?

(A) 24 Karat gold will never corrode. The plating that is applied with our system is the same as any other 24 karat gold electroplate. While 24 Karat gold will never corrode and if applied correctly should never peel, flake or fade it is very soft and needs to have proper care to insure maximum life.

Q: What company should I buy my equipment and supplies from?

(A) We recommend three things to consider.

1. The reputation of the company. If you have concerns about the integrity of a company, we suggest that you check their record with the Better Business Bureau. There are so many slick "virtual businesses" on the Internet, you need a constant standard which you can use to judge if a company is honest or not. There are other clues you can look for. Does the website advertise the toll free numbers or address of the business? We've seen several plating supplier websites that don't have addresses, toll free numbers or any other method of contact other than via e-mail.

2. Do they know what they are doing? Many of the suppliers on the internet are only resellers and don't even have a plating business. We produce a substantial portion of our revenue by gold plating. We know what will and what won't make money in the plating business, and we share that information with our customers. One of the best reasons for doing business with Gold Plating Services is to take advantage of our technical know-how and experience in the plating business.

3. Will they be in business in the future? We will be here in the future. Many of our customers are former customers of suppliers that have gone out of business. The fact that we are in the plating business as well as the equipment and chemical supply business helps us to remain competitive.

It takes serious equipment to actually make money with a portable plating business. We've seen ads that read "Complete Professional Plating Systems - Just $199". Such an ad should insult the intelligence of a serious mobile gold plating equipment shopper. Our Universal Chrome Edition includes $295 in gold solution & our Gold Star plating system can include $350 in gold solution alone. We have more than 2 decades of experience in the plating business. During this time, we have not only operated our own extensive plating business, we have also provided the equipment and supplies for many people operating independent successful plating enterprises. From our experience, we can testify that you almost certainly will not be successful trying to use a cheap toy that professes to be a plating system.

Many of the Internet resellers and vendors of plating equipment and supplies have never been in the plating business, they don't have a clue as to what is important when it comes to the features of a portable plating system. Others take advantage of fact that most of the potential buyers don't know what features actually provide value. They punch out impressive sounding features that provide absolutely no value to the person trying to make money with a mobile gold plating business.

For more information on what the real difference is between someone operating a successful mobile plating business and someone who wastes their money, energy and dreams on broken promises, give our sales staff a call. We will tell you actual happy accounts of those who made it work without delay and those who were sorry they made the wrong choices in the very beginning. Buying a cheap gold plating system could be the most expensive mistake you can make in setting up a gold plating business.