Let’s face it—moms make the world go round. They endure childbirth, crying babies at night, cranky toddlers, and moody teenagers. They feed us, help us get out the door on time, bind up our wounds, tell us when we’re out of line, and lend a shoulder to cry on when we need it most.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

(Pixabay / VaniaRaposo)

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, you’re in good company. It’s a tall order to show adequate appreciation for our moms in the form of a simple gift.

While no gift will be equal to all that moms sacrifice for us, here are a few thoughtful ideas to help show that you care.

  • Photobook. Make your mom a digital photo book to showcase family memories. There are a number of online sites that make book creating easy. You can drop your photos and narration into stylish templates and have the printed book delivered straight to mom.
  • Plant. Roses are lovely, but they don’t last long. Consider a Bonsai tree, a succulent, or an orchid that will symbolize life and growth all year long.
  • A night out. Give Mom a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant or tickets to a theater production. If you live nearby, pick her up and accompany her on her night on the town.
  • Virtual assistant. Cloud-based voice assistants can simplify your mom’s busy life. Amazon’s Alexa is probably the most popular version, but Google Home and Apple HomePod offer great features as well. Your mom can use her new device to pull up her favorite music, track her grocery list, tell her the day’s weather, and find restaurants and recipes. As a bonus, this purchase will open up future gift options in the form of new hardware. Add bells and whistles to mom’s virtual assistant for her birthday, Christmas, and more.
  • Jewelry. It’s an age-old gift that continues to satisfy. Try something as simple as a personalized gold initial necklace. If your budget is limited, opt for gold-plated jewelry that will have the luster of the precious metal without the hefty price tag. You can even gold plate jewelry yourself with a gold plating kit.

Don’t forget to accompany your gift with a heartfelt card and a visit or phone call on Mother’s Day. Gifts are lovely, but time and appreciation are the keys to most moms’ hearts.