Sunday, August 19 is National Aviation Day. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt initiated the holiday in 1939 in honor of the birthday of Orville Wright. Orville was still alive when Roosevelt established the holiday, but his brother Wilbur died 27 years earlier. The brothers are credited with inventing, constructing, and flying the world’s first successful airplane. Although other people had built experimental aircraft before, the brothers were the first to develop the airplane controls that made fixed-wing powered flight a reality.

Gold Plated Aircrafts

(Pixabay / Gellinger)

The Wright Brothers’ innovation changed the world. It advanced warfare, improved emergency response, allowed for aerial surveillance, opened up world markets for perishable goods, expanded business and leisure travel opportunities, and more.

The field of aviation is continually advancing. Drone capabilities are increasing, augmented reality is enhancing pilot training, and prescriptive maintenance is on the horizon, promising to make airplane maintenance and repair far more efficient.

In addition to the function of airplanes becoming more sophisticated, their interiors have advanced as well. “Luxury completion” is the industry charged with building out airplane hulls, often in lavish style. Luxury completion is a worldwide business, and one of the most robust sectors of the aircraft industry.

These completion companies deal in fancy textiles for airplane furnishings (think stingray skin for a customer’s on-board chair). They can add materials like pearl inlay to a plane’s cabinets or lay down silky carpets. They can install paneling in the cabin that is made from rare woods or, when money is not an issue, in gold plated metals. High-end completions can easily add up to $30 million.

If this sounds like the stuff of fiction, look no further than President Donald Trump’s private jet, which purportedly has 24-karat flourishes throughout, including gold-plated seat belts. In 2012, the Sultan of Brunei was reported to pilot his own jumbo jet equipped with solid gold wash basins, gold-plated furniture, and Lalique crystal.

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