The Jewel Master Pro HD provides the ultimate in bath plating jewelry kits. This innovation in lab plating systems allows you to deposit the following electroplating finishes for a low price and with minimal fuss:

Jewel Master Pro HD

  • Gold
  • Nickel
  • Rhodium
  • Silver
  • Palladium
  • Copper

If you want a highly durable finish but are tired of dealing with the anode and cathode wires in the electroplating process, this kit is for you. With the Jewel Master’s Easy Anode System, you can simply place your component on the rack and hang it on the gold plated busses. The only cords you need are the power cables, which fuel all three plating cells. No messy or unwieldy lead wires required! You can have the kit assembled and running in less than a minute.

The kit is compact and won’t require much tabletop room. The kit offers the following perks:

  • Simple set up and clean up (less than 60 seconds for each)
  • Perfect for immersion plating (add-ons also allow for brush or fine selective plating)
  • Precision heat and voltage control
  • Thick plating options:
    • Rhodium can be plated up to 50 micro-inches (20 times thicker than a standard rhodium flash)
    • 24K gold can be plated up to 100 micro-inches

The total equipment package includes:

  • Jewel Master powered solution tray (with heat source and power supply)
  • Internally-attached anode and buss mounting devices for quick set-up
  • Easy Anode System (includes three - Type 316 stainless steel anodes)
  • Sample plating rack
  • (3) gold-plated rack busses
  • Common lead and accompanying clip
  • (3) 1-liter, Nalgene pretreatment and plating cells with lids (4.25" wide x 4.5" deep)
  • (3) 1- liter, Nalgene pretreatment and plating cells with lids. (4.25" width x 4.5" depth) This kit also includes a comprehensive and easy-to-follow usage manual as well as complimentary phone and email support.

You can purchase the system to include basic equipment with stainless steel anodes. For an added price, you can add on the gold chemical package with accompanying solutions (electro-cleaner, surface activator, and 24K bright gold). You can also add on the combination chemical pack for both 24K gold and rhodium plating.