Jewelry is an investment. As such, it’s important to keep your silver or gold jewelry, or other pieces, safe from scratching, discoloring, and potential dullness. One solution is to invest in proper jewelry storage. But you don’t have to limit yourself to the standard jewelry box. Here are a few options that will keep your jewelry looking its best while adding fashion and flair to your living space.

Store Your Jewelry in High Style

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Before anything else, clean up your belongings

Regular use of jewelry often results in a layer of grime and a dull finish. The cause of this outcome is makeup, sweat and/or dust. Thorough cleaning of your jewelry pieces is the key to minimizing this buildup and keeping your prized valuables glittering. Water and mild soap are ideal for cleaning most types of jewelry. Just be gentle when it comes to scrubbing, and make sure to dry jewelry at the end.

Next, divide the pieces by style

It’ll be easy for you to know the location of each jewelry piece if you sort out your range before you stack them away. We recommend dividing similar pieces based on nature and make of the jewelry. This would also help you in deciding how much storage you’ll need. For example, chandelier earrings can be grouped over a cup, while a bowl can be used to keep chunky bracelets. Likewise, you can put rings and studs in the tiniest compartments. Just make sure to put no more than 3-5 pieces in each compartment to prevent overcrowding, so that you can identify all your pieces with ease.

Make or invest in the right storage

Now is the time to decide on a storage solution to put your valuables in. Below are a few ideas that mix function and style without draining the wallet.

  • Storage compartments

You can get one of these from Amazon. The best part? They’re multi-purpose! Vendors like Valdler sell multipack compartment trays that you can divide and mix based on your space constraints. It’s one of the few storage solutions that cleanly separates your necklaces, rings, pendants, and other jewelry into various sections and allows you to get a custom storage solution at a reasonable price.

  • Driftwood displays

The next jewelry storage tip involves getting a piece of driftwood that you can mount onto a stationary base or hang on the wall. Driftwood is versatile and will look as good in a Turkish inspired loft as it would in a farmhouse-style residence. You can hang necklaces and bracelets on the wood. If you don’t want to purchase a ready-made display, you could try finding your own driftwood the next time you visit the beach. Because of its dry nature, some individuals are able to place hooks in the wood, connect some twine, and hang the final product in groupings to make their own storage solution.*

  • Glass vials

If you prefer to take the DIY route to jewelry storage, then you should definitely consider hanging glass vials. Get vials with cork toppers in different sizes to hold earrings and necklaces. Press some wire into the cork stopper’s bottom and use pliers to shape it like a fish hook. You can hang a necklace on the hook or simply drop the earrings into the vial.

  • Valet travel cases

When you store jewelry pieces in a regular old box, they’re prone to coming in contact with each other, which can result in scratching and loss of appeal. In a high-quality valet travel case like the Arolly BELA, you get individual pockets divided by sturdy walls to prevent contact. The best valet travel cases will have separate compartments for your bracelets, necklaces, rings, cufflinks, and pendants. And since most of these cases are lightweight, you can take your jewelry along when you go on a vacation. Alternatively, you can keep the case in a safety deposit box if there’s a risk of potential theft while you’re away.

  • Tree branches

Are there trees in your yard or garden? Then you can easily make a jewelry holder that’ll nicely fit into your home décor (especially if you have a boho, modern, or minimalist theme). To build one, cut a dried out branch from a tree, apply a stylish shade of spray paint, and make it chic by placing it on a ceramic dish and putting a few rocks around it. Insert small nails into the branch and use it to hang bracelets and necklaces.

  • Fabric-lined box

To cushion your jewelry and prevent scratches, opt for a box with an interior upholstered in plush fabric. You can even place an anti-tarnish strip inside to slow down the process of tarnishing and oxidation.

Keep it dry

Humidity is an enemy to jewelry and can compromise its finish over time. Regardless of which storage solution you choose, make sure to keep your jewelry in a dry area of your home. Damp basements and stuffy attics are not the best places to keep your prized possessions. Excessive temperatures can also result in long-term damage. If sapphires, or other similar gemstones, are stored at hot temperatures, they may actually become discolored. Bottom line: Keep your jewelry in a cool, dry place away from humidifiers, heaters, and direct sunlight.

Jewelry storage may look simple on paper, but there’s right way to go about it. Even the slightest lapse in judgment can cause irreversible damage to your jewelry. So, make sure to educate yourself on the different solutions out there, and always clean your pieces before placing them inside a box or on a jewelry display.





The container of jewelry should be at par with its content. It does not mean that when your jewelry is diamond, you also need to have a jewelry box made of diamonds. The point is that you must find a container that will suit the jewelry it will contain. This infographic will provide significant insights for your jewelry container issues.

6 Ways to Store Your Jewelry in Style [infographic]