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Gold has become a part of every culture. People are drawn to gold because of its natural beauty, brilliance, and luster as well as its malleability. It is also highly resistant to tarnish, giving it an enduring quality. As opposed to other metals that are found in ore formations that are difficult to smelt, gold occurs in a pure state that is very easy to work with.

Origins of Gold

(Pixabay / PIX1861)

Gold was first discovered in its natural state in streams. It was the first metal known to man. Gold is widely dispersed throughout the world, so it was discovered in many different places. Cultures across the globe have been influenced by this metal over time.

In early civilizations, gold was used for ornaments because of its brilliance. It was fashioned into jewelry, idols, shrines, vases, vessels, plates, and cups. It is also linked to the worship of royalties. Early humans used gold to glorify their deities. Humans throughout history have placed a high value on gold, using it to signify power, beauty, and wealth.

Gold is mentioned often in ancient literature. The Book of Genesis in the Bible alludes to gold being found in the land of Havilah. The value of gold was mentioned in the code of Menes, the founder of the first Egyptian dynasty. The first gold treasure map was made around 1320 BC during the time of Seti I.

Early miners employed waterpower to separate gold from the gold-bearing sand. They used the hide of the sheep in trapping the tiny flakes of gold. The “golden fleece” was left to dry. Once it was dry, the fleece was gently beaten, and the gold fell off and was collected. Miners as early as thousands of years ago developed a primitive form of hydraulic mining to get gold. That process was still used during the gold rush of the mid-19th century in California.



Aurus or Gold has always proven its value since the earliest time it was discovered. In today’s modern world, gold still holds that significant value that people would still go to war for it. Gold can give money or power that one would engage himself in unknown treasure hunting. Take a look at this infographic for you to decide how gold can change lives.

The History of Gold [infographic]