Perhaps you have some shapely hardware on an old piece of furniture that is starting to tarnish. Should you throw it out and find a replacement? We say no. Why replace perfectly lovely metal components when you can simply re-plate them?

Re-plate or Replace

(Pixabay / MAKY_OREL)

Still on the fence? Here are a few reasons why we think re-plating wins every time.

Cheaper. If you’ve replaced hardware lately, you know how pricey it can be—especially if you need a lot of it. If you have six drawers in a dresser, each with its own handle, your replacement costs will add up. Re-plating usually saves you money in the long run.

Saves time. Hardware needs can be very specific. It must be the right size and line up with the holes of your furniture, unless you want the hassle of patching old holes and drilling new ones. And if you do find something with the right dimensions, you may not find the right style. You can traipse from store to store or spend hours surfing the Internet for the right piece with the right metal finish. Or you can simply re-plate it. The latter is usually a time-saver.

Preserves uniqueness. There is a lot of cookie-cutter hardware out there. If you have a piece that is truly distinct, you may have a hard time replacing it with something equally as special.

Keeps history alive. Old hardware can be a treasure. You can preserve a piece of the past if you keep it around. Re-plating can get rid of its “age spots” and give it a new luster. And if you continue to hang onto your hardware, it may appreciate in value. After all, scarcity drives up price, and your piece may not be available from manufacturers anymore.

Hardware isn’t the only thing you can re-plate. You can add new flourish to many tired-looking items. At Gold Plating Services, we can help you with jewelry plating systems, gold plating on guns, automotive gold plating, and more.


There is old furniture that costs a huge sum of money because it has some antiquity values. However, some parts of it especially the hardware may have shown some tarnishing because of dust and moisture. If you have seen this in your furniture, what can you do to save it? This infographic will give you good advice.

To Re-plate Or Replace? [infographic]