Jewel Master Pro HD Plating Kit - Gold Chemical Package
$1,549.00 $1,624.00

The Jewel Master is the Best Electroplating Bath Kit Available For Achieving Professional Results at an Affordable Price

Gold Plating Services presents the newest innovation in easy to use workshop or lab plating equipment.

Check out our New Plating Procedure Chart for details about our products and how to use them. 

Using this state of the art technology, you can easily and economically provide a gold, rhodium, nickel, silver, palladium or copper electroplate that will really last. The Jewel Master's 'Easy Anode' system is totally self-contained, which means the anodes and cathodes require no wires. You simply place your item on the rack and hang it on the gold plated busses.  This kit sets up in seconds and only requires the power cable included to operate all three plating cells. All other electroplating kits require excessive amounts of lead wires causing an unsightly and high-maintenance jumble of pieced together components. The Jewel Master provides a perfect combination of specially developed electroplating solutions, Micro-Control electronics and Perfect-Temp solution heating. The result is an easy to use, plating system that sets up in seconds and won't take up much room in your shop.

With the Jewel Master on your workbench, you can:

  • Set up for plating in less than one minute.
  • Maintain precision temperature and voltage control. 
  • Plate bright rhodium up to 50 micro-inches thick (20 times thicker than a typical rhodium flash). 
    • Rhodium solution not included in this package.
  • Plate hardened 24K gold thickness up to 100 micro-inches, soft pure gold to almost any thickness. 
  • Close up and put away in seconds when you've finished plating.
  • The Jewel Master is extremely convenient for immersion plating. With an optional combination handle you can also perform brush plating or fine selective plating. With Gold Plating Services’ Jewel Master System you can plate onto most metals with… Gold - Rhodium - Silver - Nickel - Copper -  Will NOT plate onto Aluminum!

 Aluminum cannot be plated onto with any of our kits. Our kits will plate onto most metals, with the proper Gold Plating Services chemicals, however Aluminum requires a special preparation and process that is not suitable for consumer level plating operations.  We do not sell the process or provide support for plating onto Aluminum.  Aluminum needs to be done on an industrial level, by a trained professional.  Any attempts to plate onto aluminum with our products will not work, please purchase with this in mind.  If you have a project that requires plating onto Aluminum, you may consider sending the parts to us to be plated by our technicians.  We can provide a variety of plating onto aluminum.  After aluminum is nickel or chrome plated by us, it can then be plated with a metal you desire, using our Universal or Jewel Master Series kits.

Jewel Master Gold Chemical Package (Option 2) Includes:

  • (1) - Jewel Master Integrated gold plating system console
  • (1) - 12volt, 10 ampere Power Supply
  • (3) - Type 316 stainless steel easy anodes
  • (3) - Titanium busses for holding and connecting the work during the pretreatment and plating process.
  • (1) - Black common lead with alligator clip
  • (1) - Sample Plating Rack
  • (3) – 1 liter, resealable Nalgene pretreatment and plating cells with lids. (working dimensions: dia. 4.25" x depth 4.5")
  • (3) – Beakers for rinse water.
  • (1) - Thermometer
  • Safety goggles & gloves
  • Users Guide and toll free or e-mail technical support. (Click here for online users guide).

Solutions Included:

  • (1) - Liter 24K Bright Gold Solution 
  • (1) - Liter Electro-Cleaner Solution
  • (1) - Liter Surface Activator Solution 

Jewel Master Pricing:

Option 1: Total equipment package for Jewel Master Gold Plating System includes equipment only with stainless steel anodes.

Option 2: Total equipment package & The Jewel Master "gold chemical package" which includes: one liter Electro-Cleaner, one liter Surface Activator, and one liter 24K Bright Gold Solution containing fine gold. 

Option 3: Includes everything in Options 2 plus all solutions and accessories to successfully plate onto stainless steel surfaces.  Additional items include: 1 liter of Wood's Nickel Strike, 1 extra Nalgene Beaker, 1 extra rinse beaker, and 1 Jewel Master fabricated bagged nickel anode.

Option 4: Includes everything in Options 2 plus all solutions and accessories to successfully plate onto stainless steel surfaces without nickel.  Additional items include: 1 liter of TriVal Solution, 1 extra Nalgene Beaker, 1 extra rinse beaker, and 1 Jewel Master fabricated Platinized Titanium Anode.

Option 5: Total equipment package & "combination chemical pack" which includes everything you need to electroplate with 24k Bright Gold Plating Solution and Brilliant Palladium Plating Solution.

The Sidekick greatly extends the range gold plating operations you can perform. With the optional combination handle and the appropriate solutions you can selectively plate fine detail or brush plate larger surfaces. With our pen plater, select gold plating is fast and easy.

User Guide - Click here

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.

 Nickel Plating with the Jewel Master

 Rhodium Plating with the Jewel Master

Rose Gold Plating with Jewel Master

 Gold Plating onto Braces

 Are you interesting in knowing how you can make your own electroplating rack? Watch this video of us showing how we make our racks. 

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Brian G.
United States

This kit Delivers!

Set up and plated today for the first time. Easy setup. Clear instructions. Perfect gold plating from start to finish. Great buy!

Pedro T.
United States United States

Customer service review

They sent me gold solution that had a hole in the bottle & was leaking when it came in. On top of that it arrived a week late. Extremely dissatisfied with the service, but I’ve yet to try the actual machine because they won’t send me another bottle until I return the leaky one. Not sure what they’re going to do with 1/4 filled bottle, I thought they’d be kind enough to let me keep it so I’m able to try it out considering the inconveniences but unfortunately I was wrong…I’ll have to make a review Pt. 2 for the actual machine when I actually get my solution in the mail I guess…

Cookie A.
Philippines Philippines

It was marvelous

Mohamed A.
United States United States

Excellent service

Great customer service from Robert and I appreciate his patience with me and explaining the process

Gold Plating Service Jewel Master Pro HD Kit - Equipment + Standard Gold Chemical Package -- (Option 2) Review
Natalia G.
Canada Canada

Better than expected

It was very easy to use. It took me a few days to prep my space and ventilation but once I had everything, I was able to plate immediately after following the instructions on the booklet. I'm so happy with this system! So far it works amazing and I can definitely recommend it to other jewelers.

Gold Plating Service Jewel Master Pro HD Kit - Equipment + Standard Gold Chemical Package -- (Option 2) ReviewGold Plating Service Jewel Master Pro HD Kit - Equipment + Standard Gold Chemical Package -- (Option 2) Review