Jewel Master Pro HD Plating Kit - Gold Chemical Package
Jewel Master Pro HD Plating Kit - Gold Chemical Package Jewel Master Pro HD Kit - Plating Gold onto Stainless steel without Nickel (Option 4) Jewel Master Pro HD Kit - Plating Gold onto Stainless steel without Nickel (Option 4) Jewel Master Pro HD Kit - Plating Gold onto Stainless steel without Nickel (Option 4) Rinse Beaker may vary in style

The Jewel Master is the Best Electroplating Bath Kit Available For Achieving Professional Results at an Affordable Price.

This special edition of the Jewel Master contains the standard chemical package plus the chemicals and accessories needed for plating onto Stainless Steel without the presence of nickel. Stainless Steel requires a strike in order for your final plate to adhere properly. We have developed a one-of-a-kind solution called TriVal – Acid Gold Strike that allows gold to be plated directly onto Stainless Steel.  The alternative would be a Woods Nickel Strike. However, for many industries, nickel is not acceptable for various reasons.  For those who need to apply gold directly to stainless steel, this is the option for you and can be found nowhere else!

With the Jewel Master on your workbench, you can:

  • Set up for plating in less than one minute
  • Maintain precision temperature and voltage control
  • Plate hardened 24K gold thickness up to 100 micro-inches, soft pure gold to almost any thickness 
  • Close up and put away in seconds when you've finished plating
  • The Jewel Master is extremely convenient for immersion plating
  • Will not plate onto Aluminum

The option 4 setup will allow you to plate gold onto most metals, the most common being gold, rhodium, palladium, copper, brass, nickel, stainless steel, or silver.

Jewel Master Gold Chemical Package (Option 4) Includes:

  • (1)       Jewel Master Integrated gold plating system console
  • (1)       12volt, 10 ampere Power Supply
  • (3)       Type 316 stainless steel easy anodes
  • (1)       Bagged Graphite Anode for the TriVal Gold Strike solution
  • (3)       Titanium busses for holding and connecting the work during the                           pretreatment and plating process.
  • (1)       Black common lead with alligator clip
  • (1)       Sample Plating Rack
  • (4)       1 liter, resealable Nalgene pretreatment and plating beakers with lids.                            (working dimensions: dia. 4.25" x depth 4.5")
  • (4)       Beakers for rinse water.
  • (1)       Thermometer (Fahrenheit) - Celsius available upon request
  • (1)       Set of Safety goggles & gloves

Solutions Included:

  • (1) - Liter Electro-Cleaner Solution
  • (1) - Liter Surface Activator Solution
  • (1) - Liter TriVal Gold Strike Solution. Used in place of the surface activator solution when plating onto stainless steel.
  • Choose 1 liter of 14K, 18K, 24K Bright Gold Solution or 24K Pure Gold Solution - The Pure Gold option will include a bagged graphite anode and contains an additional 0.5 grams of fine gold.

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS - TriVal will not be shipped as a ready-to-use solution. Instead, you will receive 900 mL of TriVal Base Solution. This will require the addition of 100 mL of reagent grade hydrochloric acid (not included with purchase) to make a ready-to-use TriVal Solution. Instructions for combining the TriVal Base with the Hydrochloric Acid, along with the SDS sheets (Safety Data Sheets), will be included with your package. 

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS:  If your area supplies 220 volt power, then you will need to use a converter for the white heater plug. The wattage is less than 50 watts, so a small converter will work. 

Connecting the white heater cord to 220 volts will instantly destroy the heater warranty and will not be covered.

The heater MUST be connected to 120 volt AC 50 -60 Hz  ONLY!

Setup Instructions can be found HERE

Check out our Plating Procedure Chart for details about our products and how to use them.  

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)  can be Found HERE

California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning.


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