Bright Acid Copper Module

Bright Acid Copper is a "room temperature" plating operation that can greatly enhance the luster and finish quality of any properly prepared surface. Bright acid copper plating is commonly used as an underplate for bright nickel. However, because of the beautiful shiny finish, it may be left as-is to produce a beautiful copper surface. When connected to a suitable power supply The ProLab cm - Bright Acid Copper Module provides you with everything required to plate a bright copper plate onto any properly prepared surface.  

This Bright Acid Copper module comes complete with:

  • (1) Power Tower and accessory components 
  • (1) Non-Heated 5000 mL glass beaker with titanium anode frame
  • (1) 2000 mL rinse beaker
  • (2) ProLab 8" copper anode inserts
  • (1) ProLab Air tubing Add-on
  • (5) 32 oz bottles of Bright Acid Copper Solution

Power Supply is not included - Bright Acid Copper must ship via UPS GROUND ONLY

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