Gold Plating Services’ 24K Brush Gold / Pen Gold Plating Solution is cobalt hardened acid gold electroplating solution that will yield a relatively low stress, fine grained deposit with hardness range of 130- 200 Knoop. This solution is ideally suited for printed circuit boards fingers, contacts, fine select applications as well as decorative deposits.

The purity and hardness of the final electrodeposited gold will be equivalent to Type I, and II, Grade C, specifications as indicated in MIL-G-45204C, as follows;

Content Pen Gold - 1.4 grams per 30 ml container
Purity - 99.7 percent gold minimum (24 karat) 
Hardness - Knoop hardness 130-200
Density of Plate - 12.64 mg/in²/µm thick
Theoretical Coverage ~ 220 in²/1oz solution to an average thickness of 20 micro-inches (0.5µm)


Content Brush Gold - 2 grams per 250 ml solution
Purity - 99.7 percent gold minimum (24 karat)
Hardness - Knoop hardness 130-200
Density of Plate - 12.45 mg/in²/µm thick
Theoretical Coverage- ~ 1300 in²/8 oz solution to an average thickness of 10 micro-inches (0.25µm).

Note: this coverage is based on the assumption that all gold in the solution will be deposited. In actual practice this is not likely since there is normally solution loss during use.

Operating Conditions

Temperature                                                 Room  

Anode to Cathode Ratio                               N/A 

Specific Gravity                                            1.08 – 1.15 (11-16 Be) 

Time to deposit 0.00002’’ (0.5 micron)          N/A

Cathode Efficiency                                       ~35%

Filtration                                                        N/A 

Current Density                                             Variable – 25 to 200 milliamperes / in2, (120 ma/in2 – nominal)

Voltage                                                          3 - 6 volts DC (Pen Gold 4 - 6, Brush 3 - 5)

Application tip/sleeve                                    Pen Gold - Felt tip (fine or medium), Brush Gold - cotton sleeve

Anode                                                           Brush Gold -Type 316 stainless steel, platinum plated titanium or carbon

Agitation                                                        Continuous solution movement over surface