Bath Application

Gold Plating Services’ Gold Replenisher Solution is specifically designed to create custom baths or to replenish depleted gold. It can be added to the following solutions produced by Gold Plating Services:

24K, 18K, 14K Bright Gold Solution, bath (Deluxe, Economy, & Base)

24K Pure Gold Solution, bath

Rose Gold Solution, bath

To verify the recommended gold content of each of these solutions, refer to the specific solution’s product listing on our website. The gold content can be measured by laboratory analysis or estimated by keeping a plating log of the area and thickness plated.

Fine gold content:

  • 1 gram fine gold per 30ml/1oz of Gold Replenisher Solution
  • The amount of gold content per ounce of solution is customizable; contact us for more information.

Additional provided coverage: Adding 1 gram fine gold (30 ml/1oz of Gold Replenisher Solution) to a properly functioning bath will allow additional coverage of ~320in2 with the gold plated to an average decorative thickness. A gold plating thickness of 8 - 10 micro-inches is a common thickness for decorative gold plating and exceeds the US Federal Trade Commission standards for non-jewelry, gold plated items to be marketed as gold plated.

Shelf Life: If stored at room temperature, properly sealed solution has a shelf life of about two years. If Gold Replenisher Solution is stored for a period of time before use, the components may separate. Use heat and agitation to reincorporate.

Caution: If Gold Replenisher Solution is added to a plating solution fabricated by a company other than Gold Plating Services, results cannot be guaranteed.

Usage Note: Adding Gold Replenisher Solution to a bath may affect the pH of the bath. See the TDS of the solution that is being replenished for more information on pH.

Read and understand SDS sheets before using. For professional use by trained technicians only.