Gold Plating Services’ 24K Pure Gold Solution is an extremely efficient (cathode efficiency 98%+), neutral pH, water-clear gold plating solution designed to produce a gold electro-deposit of 99.9+% purity to virtually any desired thickness. It is primarily used for surfaces in the medical, semi-conductor, electronic, and PWB industries where soft, high purity gold is required. Note: Due to the grain structure of this type of gold deposit, the reflective qualities of the surface will become noticeably matte with increased thickness.

This solution is fabricated with a purity and hardness of electrodeposited gold that meets Type III, Grade A specifications, as indicated in MIL-DTL- 45204D as follows:

Purity -               99.9+ percent gold minimum (24 karat)
Hardness -         Knoop hardness < 90 (typically 55-60)


                    Operating Conditions                

Temperature-                                             120° - 150°F, 48° - 65°C   (optimum 150°F/65°C)

Anode to Cathode Ratio-                          2:1

Suggested Voltage-                                   1.5 V (Voltage may vary if current driven)

Current Density-                                         3 amperes per square foot, (20 ma/in²)

pH (electrometric)-                                     5.8 – 6.4 (optimum 6)

Time to deposit 1 micron on 1 in²-            5.5 minutes at 3 ASF

Solution gold content-                               Recommend maintaining 2g/liter

Replenishment-                                          Add Gold Replenisher Solution as needed

Efficiency (Deposit Rate, Weight)-           115-mg/ampere minute

Filtration-                                                     Continuous, for large scale plating

Hardness-                                                    60 – 80 Knoop

Anode-                                                         Platinized Titanium or Bagged Graphite

Agitation-                                                     Moderate relative Cathode to solution movement

If plating according to the above parameters, the following
amount of gold is required to plate 1 in² to the specified thickness (not including rack surface area):
0.2 micron (decorative plate) - ~0.0025 g
0.5 micron (jewelry grade plate) - ~0.0062 g
1 micron - ~0.0125 g


To ensure consistency of deposit, the following operating conditions should be controlled.

METAL CONTENT- maintain within 20% of specified operating conditions.

TEMPERATURE- maintain within 5% of specified operating conditions.

PH- maintain within 5% of specified operating conditions. pH will slowly rise during operation. To lower the pH, use Pure Gold pH Control. Add slowly, as there is often a delayed reaction.

CURRENT DENSITY- maintain within 5% of specified operating conditions.

Contact us for more details on how to calculate deposit thickness.