Gold Plating Services' Electro- Cleaner Solution is an alkaline based liquid solution used to clean platable surfaces in preparation for activation and prior receiving a electroplated deposit.

Properly using Electrocleaner Solution removes residual oils and dirt from the substrate to make the surface accessible to plating solutions. The part should be cleaned with soap and water or an ultrasonic cleaner prior to electro cleaning

Strength:  -      Available in regular strength.

pH                  Alkaline

Operating Conditions

Temperature              Room to 140 F. (Effectiveness increases with temperature) 

Time                          15 to 30 seconds or until surface "wets out" upon rinsing

Voltage                      5-7 VDC uniform light gassing (Work is Cathode - )

Current Density         As necessary to achieve light gassing 

Filtration                    Optional 

Anode                       Type 316 SS or Platinized Titanium 

Agitation                    Some relative movement between work and solution facilitates removal of gas bubbles. 

Surface which has been prepared with Electrocleaner solution should not be touched and should be rinsed, activated and electroplated prior to drying to prevent contamination of surface.

Read and understand SDS sheets before using. For professional use by trained technicians only.