Wondering Which Solution To Buy?

While searching for the best gold plating solution you may have noticed that throughout the whole industry there is dramatic price differences per fluid ounce of gold solution. For example, you may have found 32oz of gold plating solution for only $100; where as our 1/2oz of Pen Gold plating solution costs about the same amount. The most important factor to consider when shopping for a gold plating solution is 'fine gold content'. A gallon of immersion gold solution could cost $100 but may only have .1g of fine-gold content. We sell our gold plating solutions with a verified, optimal solution volume/gold-content ratio. Our Immersion Gold Plating Solution has the lowest gold content per fluid ounce so you can dip large items without it costing a fortune. Our Brush Gold Plating Solution has the perfect amount of gold per fluid ounce for brush plating. Our Pen Gold is a super-high concentration which is optimal for Fine-Detail Pen Plating. For over 25+ years we have fine-tuned our gold plating solutions to be as efficient, reliable, and have as little of waste as possible. So when you're considering who to buy your gold plating solution from consider this: how much money per gram of actual gold-content are you paying?