Bath & Brush Application

Gold Plating Services' Rose Gold Plating Solution is specially formulated to quickly plate a rich rose gold color over existing gold plate. Electro-deposited rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper and functions as a decorative plate. The gold content is low and is not quantified by karat. There is enough gold to prevent corrosion of the copper, which is much harder than gold. This is why properly plated rose gold wears very well. 

Usage Notes: 

  • Rose Gold plates more slowly than Bright Gold or Pure Gold. With brush plating, this causes a little more waste. 
  • Rose Gold is a decorative plate - it will not keep plating heavier the longer it is applied or left in the solution. 
  • As the gold is pulled out of the solution, it will leave a higher copper concentration. This can result in the item beginning to corrode. A clear coat on top of the plating is recommended. Gold Replenisher Solution can also be added to maintain gold content and prevent corrosion from occurring.

Operating Conditions

Temperature -   Bath: 120° - 130° F
Brush: Room

Anode -   Bath: Stainless Steel
Brush: Stainless Steel Bit with a Cotton Sleeve

Voltage -   Bath: 4 - 6 Volts
Brush: 6 Volts

Time -   Bath: 1 - 2 Minutes, plating can begin to appear hazy after 2 minutes
Brush: Plating time varies

Agitation -   Agitation through cathode or solution movement

Shelf Life -   If stored at room temperature, properly sealed solution has a shelf life of ~1 year


Read and understand SDS sheets before using. For professional use by trained technicians only.