Bath & Brush Application

Gold Plating Services' Surface Activator Solution is a liquid solution used to activate surfaces in preparation for receiving an electroplated deposit. It is commonly used to activate nickel, palladium, bronze, copper, brass, and silver and is used after the electro-cleaning or chrome stripping step. The surface to be activated must be clean, totally hydrophilic, and free of excessive corrosion or oxidation. It must also be free of any dirt, oil, or oily contamination prior to application.

Surface Activator Solution will quickly remove light oxides and prepare the substrate for plating. Properly using Surface Activator Solution will allow for greater adhesion of electroplated finishes to the substrate. The activated surface should not be touched and should be rinsed and electroplated prior to drying to prevent re-oxidation of the surface.

Usage Notes:

  • This is a consumable solution - the components break down with use and it is not intended to be replenished.
  • Top off all evaporation loss with distilled water.
  • This product will not remove corroded or excessively oxidized surfaces. These surfaces should be polished abrasively to remove oxidized material and then cleaned prior to application.

Operating Conditions 

Temperature -   Room

Anode -    Bath: Bagged Graphite (preferred), Type 316 Stainless Steel, or Platinized Titanium Brush: Type 316 Stainless Steel Bit (preferred) or Platinized Titanium Bit with a Cotton Sleeve

Voltage -   5 - 7 Volts, light gassing 

Time -   15 - 30 Seconds 

Agitation -   Some relative movement between work and solution facilitates removal of gas bubbles

Shelf Life -   If stored at room temperature, properly sealed solution has a shelf life of ~2 years


Read and understand SDS sheets before using. For professional use by trained technicians only.