Gold Plating Services’ Bright Nickel Plating Solution is a nickel sulfate electroplating solution that will plate a bright level deposit with good physical properties and is very receptive to subsequent plating such as chrome, gold, rhodium or other decorative plates. This nickel plate is ideal for decorative applications where the malleability of the nickel is not an issue.

After properly cleaning and activation of surface as required, apply at initial plating voltage of 3 – 5 volts DC. Using high capacity sleeves, brush in circular motion advancing slowly across surface to be plated. If the finished surface is to be plated with gold or other metallic coating, avoid touching and activate as required. Results will be best if solution and item to be plated are warm, 100°F to 110°F. Do not store stainless steel anode in this solution as it may corrode the stainless over time.

Operating Conditions


Temperature Room - 100° F - Optimum 100°F
Anode to Cathode Ratio N/A
pH 3.5 - 4.5 – Optimum 4
Filtration N/A
Current Density cathode N/A
Voltage 3 - 5 volts
Anode Nickel or 316 Stainless Steel with high capacity sleeve.
Agitation continuous movement of solution soaked sleeve over surface to be plated

Do not store stainless steel anodes in nickel solution