Gold Plating Services’ Bright Palladium Solution is platinum group metal solution which plates with a premium mirror bright white color and does not require a rhodium overplate. It is tarnish resistant, very durable with high ductility and low stress, and it is nickel free. This solution plates quickly and produces stunning results.

This solution can be used for brush plating or immersion electroplating applications. Use with a Platinized Titanium anode when immersion plating. Bright Palladium Solution contains 2.5 grams Palladium per quart.

The bath operates at a slightly acid pH and deposits can be applied directly to nickel or copper-based alloys without the use of a strike.

pH             -               5.5-6.5 (optimum 6)

Operating Conditions

Temperature Room to 140 F.
Voltage 3-5 VDC (Work is Cathode - )
Current Density Light gassing
Anode Platinized anode (bath plating)
Sleeve (brush app.) Cotton, (High Capacity)

Surfaces must be clean and free of corroded or oxidized material prior to plating. Best results are obtained by polishing the surface to desired luster either abrasively or by electro-polishing. The surface must then be cleaned with de-greaser or electro-cleaned to be absolutely free of oily residue. Do not touch the cleaned surface. Plate to desired thickness.

Read and understand SDS sheets before using. For professional use by trained technicians only.