Bath & Brush Application

Gold Plating Services developed TriVal 24K Acid Gold Strike to be used as a pre-treatment step that will allow the user to plate 24 Karat gold directly onto extremely difficult to plate alloys such as stainless steel, Invar, or Kovar. The secret to the superiority of Gold Plating Services' TriVal 24K Acid Gold Strike is a potassium auric-cyanide complex. The tightly bound complex allows this superior gold strike solution to have a pH of less than one. This super-aggressive solution ensures concurrent activation and deposition of a thin layer of metallic gold for maximum adhesion.  

Because of its low cathode efficiency, this solution is best used as a pretreatment only. The final gold deposit should be applied using a high efficiency solution such as our 24K Bright Gold Solution or 24K Pure Gold Solution.

Usage Notes:

  • This is a consumable solution - the components break down with use and it is not intended to be replenished.
  • Top off all evaporation loss with distilled water.
  • Provide ventilation.
  • A darker yellow deposit is a result of components within the bath breaking down and is a sign that it may be time to replace the solution.

Operating Conditions

Temperature -   Room

Time -   20 - 30 seconds or until the surface shows a light lemon-yellow tint

Voltage -   5 - 7 Volts, light to moderate gassing

Bath Anode -   Bagged Graphite or Platinized Titanium

Brush Anode -   Platinized Titanium Bit with a Cotton Sleeve


Read and understand SDS sheets before using. For professional use by trained technicians only.