24k, 18K, & 14K Bright Gold Base Solution (NO GOLD)

Introducing our Bright Gold Base Solution (NO GOLD)

This solution is ideal for customers looking to increase their bath size without having to compromise the function by over-diluting it with distilled water (DI). This solution contains all brighteners, hardeners, and other additives that our other deluxe and economy bright gold solutions contain. 

Adding one gallon of Bright Gold Base Solution to one gallon of our deluxe 24K Bright Gold Solution, containing 8 grams of fine gold, will produce two-gallon bath containing 8 grams of fine gold. 

This gold base solution is not recommended to be mixed with any other company's product. Results cannot be guaranteed. 

Our Gold Replenisher can be and is highly recommend to be added to the bath to maintain a healthy gold content in the bath to help with predictable results and avoid "low gold content" issues.

Too low of gold content and non-use of the bath system for any length of time can allow fungal infection of the bath. This can cause deposit quality issues. Maintaining a healthy gold content will help keep your bath healthy and clean.  We do not recommend allowing the gold content to drop below three grams of gold per gallon of solution.


We recommend adding this base solution to your gold bath upon receipt. Approximate shelf life when not added to a bath is ~2-3 months. We sell our Deluxe Bright Gold Solution with the recommended gold base levels per Gallon to ensure the best plating experience.  Diluting the solution will result in less gold content per gallon and will reduce the deposit rate and increase the length of time a piece will need to plated to achieve a particular gold thickness. 

NOTE: When setting up larger custom baths. It is very important you are meeting all plating conditions for solutions to work properly. These may include but are not limited to: Voltage, Amperage, heating, anode type, anode to cathode ratio, current, and agitation.

Please see this for more information about deposit Rates. Depletion Table