Bagged Nickel Anode Insert

The ProLab cm Bagged Nickel anode inserts are an economical and ideal anode for any solution requiring a nickel anode. When used in a nickel pre-treatment or plating solution the anode will slowly dissolve into the solution replenishing the nickel that is plated onto the item being plated. The heavy polypropylene bag will prevent the products of this process from contaminating the pre-treatment or plating solutions. These anode inserts come with the titanium screws required for mounting them onto the ProLab cm titanium anode frame.  (nickel anode size = 1/8" x 1" x 8") We recommend two (2) nickel anodes for most applications.

Solutions that require a Bagged Nickel anode:

  • Wood's Nickel Strike
  • Bright Nickel