Combination Application Handle Only - No Wires, Bit or Cotton Sleeve


SKU: Handle

Product: Combination Application Handle only.  No wires, bit, or cotton application sleeves included. (Generally this is a replacement or for users who already have the wires, bits and sleeves.)  

This "Combination Application Handle" is a wonderful tool for any brush plating job.  We call it the "Combination Handle" due to its versatility.  It allows use of small "1/8" Application Bits" with "1/8" Cotton Application Sleeves" as well as allows use of a "1/8" to 1/4" Conversion Bit" with "1/4" Cotton Application Sleeves" and/or "Wooley Cotton Application Sleeves" for bigger jobs.  With a simple twist of the thumbscrew you can switch between bits.  If you are needing to do specific or small areas, also known as 'Pen plating', the "Fine-Select Pen Plating Tips" (both medium & ultra-fine) will plug directly into the end of the handle.