We rolled out this Jewel Master Heated Auxiliary Plating Station in response to popular demand. If you want to plate components with rose gold, nickel or rhodium, you’ll need to apply greater heat than you would for other metal coatings. That’s where the auxiliary plating station comes in. It plugs into your regular plating system and provides an extra forum for coating items in metals that require higher-heat electroplating.

Gold Plating Jewel Master Heated Auxiliary Plating Station

Say, for example, that you wanted to plate a set of earrings in rose gold. You could use our Jewel Master Plating Kit to get the process started. The Jewel Master can hold three solutions. You can use the first for electrocleaning, an essential step in removing grease or other debris to ensure uniform electroplating. You can then rinse your earrings and use the second solution beaker with surface activator. After that, you can use your third solution beaker to plate your earrings in an undercoat of hard yellow gold.

Once you have dipped your jewelry in these three solutions, you’ll be out of beakers with our Jewel Master Plating system, but thanks to the Auxiliary Plating Station, you can continue on seamlessly with the process of creating your rose gold earrings. Simply plug the station into the Jewel Master, allowing it to achieve the higher voltages and temperatures needed to add your rose gold plating. Dip your jewelry in the hot rose gold solution, and within 30 seconds to one minute, you’ll have a beautiful set of rose gold earrings.

The stand-alone Jewel Master Heated Auxiliary Plating Station can be used with most plating power supplies and solutions. It comes with all of the hardware needed to complement your one-liter plating setup.

The station includes:

  • Corrosion-resistant, pre-wired station base
  • High-quality resealable solution beaker
  • Color-coded power supply connection leads
  • Stainless steel “Easy Anode” with clips for a thermometer and air agitation kit (air agitation kit sold separately)
  • Thermometer (up to 230°F)
  • Titanium buss bar
  • Common lead with alligator clip
  • Gold-plated sample ring pack
  • User’s manual
  • Video tutorial link for simple setup and operation

Visit our website to learn more about our jewelry plating systems. Find out how our Jewel Master Heated Auxiliary Plating Station can allow you to electroplate nickel, rose gold, rhodium, and other metals requiring high temperatures.