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At Gold Plating Services, we offer a number of starter kits to hobbyists and artist alike. Our affordable kits help people try their hand at gold plating without breaking the bank.

Gold Smith Gold Plating Kit

Our Gold Smith-Gold Plating Kit is the perfect choice for someone looking to do bench-top brush plating and fine select gold plating. This kit will allow you to plate most surfaces with the exception of aluminum, which must be treated using a number of complex processes before gold can be applied. Steel and chrome are additional exceptions. Defer to our Universal Plater to prepare your steel surface and our Universal Plater Chrome Edition for chrome surfaces. You can use these kits to lay down a different metal surface that will allow your item to be covered in gold.

The Gold Smith-Gold Plating Kit provides all of the components that you will need for fine select pen plating and brush plating 24K gold.

The kit includes:

  • Console/beaker tray. This tray enables a quick set-up and error-free connections.
  • AC wall voltage power converter
  • Application handle and lead (combination of fine select and brush plating)
  • Common lead
  • Type 316 stainless steel brush plating bit (also includes 2 sleeves for applying solution)
  • 1 ultra-fine high-density fine plating tip
  • 1 medium high-density fine select plating tip
  • 2 oz. 24K gold plating solution (to cover 300 square inches with a thickness of .25 microns)
  • Safety guidelines
  • Instruction manual (including full-color images)
  • Quick-start guide (comes with a polished coin to ensure success with your first attempt)

Gold plating will enable you to improve the appearance and functionality of items. It is an exciting art form with endless possibilities, and our high-quality, user-friendly kits are the perfect way to get started.