The sport of golf features four major championships per year. The first of these is the Masters Tournament. The 82nd edition of the Masters will be held April 5-8 at the Augusta National Golf Club in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gold-plated Golf Clubs

(Freeimages / Aron Kremer)

Golf can be an expensive sport with club memberships, greens fees, balls, gloves, and more weighing heavily on the pocketbook. And of course, there are the golf clubs. A novice golfer can start with the basics as listed below (with approximate low-end prices):

  • Driver ($75)
  • Iron set ($200)
  • Putter ($60)
  • Bag ($60)

You can save money by buying a bagged set, which can be purchased for around $200.

These are just starting prices. The sky’s the limit if you have money to play with. If you want to add some bling to your game, consider gold-plated clubs. Here’s a look at some of the most expensive golf clubs on the market:

  • Five Start Set by Honma Golf. If you have an extra $5,000 sitting around, this club’s for you. Plan to wait two months for your hand-crafted club with 24-karat plating and Pt1000 platinum. The finished product is the painstaking handiwork of Japan’s most seasoned club makers known as the Takumi artisans.
  • Golden Putter by Michael Barth. This club will set you back nearly $3,000, but it will certainly glitz up the green with its 24-karat gold plating. Not fancy enough? You can have your club engraved and studded with gemstones of your choice. And lest you think that this club is too pretty to play well, note that its German manufacturers spent well over three years perfecting its performance capabilities.
  • Majesty Prestigio Super7 Driver by Maruman Golf. Retailing at over $2,000, this club bears a regal laser engraving on its face, which looks classy and also stabilizes the ball’s spin rate in wet weather. The club features a pure-grade titanium top and a thicker head. The face is designed to bring your center of gravity closer to the ground. A ladies’ version is available.

So the big question is, can a high-end club really improve your golf game? Those of us without $2,000 to spend on a club may never know, but there’s no doubt that gold plating can add class, finesse, and durability to many products—from jewelry to handguns to golf clubs and more. Visit to learn more about gold plating kits.